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What silver is worth a lot of money?

All silver is worth money, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a lot of money for any silver item. The purer your silver, the more you’ll get for it. The markings that your silver is stamped with will tell you how much silver it contains. The most valuable silver will be stamped with one of the following markings:

  • 950: 95% silver
  • 925: 92.5% silver
  • Sterling: 92.5% silver
  • 900: 90% silver
  • COIN: 90% silver
  • 800: 80% silver

Silver plated items, on the other hand, do not contain a lot of silver and merely have a thin coat of the metal on top. These items are commonly marked with the stamp “PLATE” and are not worth much money. Sell silver plate.