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When it comes to determining the value of silver, it is important to consider its purity and the markings on the item. While all silver holds value, the amount you can receive for it varies depending on its purity level. Here are some markings to look for and their corresponding silver content:

  • 950: This marking indicates that the silver item contains 95% silver.
  • 925 or Sterling: Both of these markings represent 92.5% silver content, which is the standard for sterling silver.
  • 900 or COIN: These markings indicate that the silver item contains 90% silver, commonly found in coins.
  • 800: This marking signifies 80% silver content.

It’s important to note that silver-plated items, marked with “PLATE,” have a thin coating of silver on top and do not contain a significant amount of silver. As a result, they do not hold much monetary value. If you have silver-plated items, it is generally more advantageous to sell them based on their decorative or collectible value rather than their silver content.

If you have any silver items you wish to sell, including those with higher silver content, Oakton Coins can assist you in evaluating their worth and providing a fair offer. Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation or visit our store in Skokie.